Fixed mistake in Thunderbird forwarding by enabling POP and IMAP on the servers. Thunderbird connection is working perfectly now. I also changied it so that the mail is checked every 60 seconds instead of every 10 minutes.

On a whim, I downloaded three applications from the Apple Downloads website. One is an email extractor, and two are mass mailers. I have a list of about 40,000 untargeted email addresses, so as a nice side project I'll send a message to the 40,000 to see if it works, as well as try to extract me personal address book with the extractor program.

As a sidenote, I have received three responses already to my advertisement/post.

Message filter not working properly. I'm going to delete the filter and respond to messages manually for now, as they are pouring in at a steady rate.

Received and manually replied to 52 messages before the post was flagged, with the same reply, yet somewhat personalized. Didn't get any paid sign-ups, but I got a free one. Not too horrible for the first try in one city. And who knows, that free sign-up may turn into a paid sign-up netting me $50.

Sent out two more similar posts in two different cities with different photos of the same girl. I used the same account and the same proxy, as an experiment on seeing how many ads can be flagged before an account is shut down.

The email extractor was a trial. I can open the program, but not extract any email addresses from Gmails, text files, or CSV's. Since it was wasting space on the hard drive, I simply deleted the program.

The mass mailers were also crap, trial offers, and didn't work whatsoever, therefore they, too, were deleted. I am focusing at the moment on manually responding to the emails through Thunderbird.

Created Gmail account under name Mary Watson. (

Verified identity by text message through Gmail (6-digit activation code) and deleted three initial Gmail messages from the Gmail Team.

Started Craigslist account under Gmail address, agreed to terms of service, and got everything all set up as far as account validation is concerned.

Linked Gmail account to Thunderbird program and cleared inbox of Craigslist activation message.

Signed up to CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network. It should take around 24 hours to get accepted (I was already accepted once six months ago, but it was the site of a botched cookie stuffing experiment, so I can't log in again with that account). Therefore, while I wait, I will form a reply message template to use as an autoresponder with Gmail/Thunderbird:

Hey. Thanks for replying. I usually don't do this kind of thing. So listen, I've sorted through my replies and I think you may be the best fit for me. I enjoy being able to allow the public eye to see into my private life, so I hope that's alright with you. I have an interactive webcam at that I've had up and online 24/7 for several months now. Give it a look see, check out my behaviors, see if you like it, then reply if you think you're interested, either on the site in my webcam area, or through my email. Oh, and don't worry, I'm not going to make you pay for anything. At least until we go out to eat! Thanks!


Set up the autoresponder using the steps taken that I outlined in the blog post I wrote recently.

Now to make a legitimate-sounding advertisement to post in a random metropolitan area:

Hey Craigslist. My name's Mary. I'm a down to earth girl who's never really had the time for anything as far as relationships go. I think I'm pretty great. I don't look horrible. I spent most of my time up til now on the computer so any tan I have is from a tanning bed, really, but hopefully skin color isn't that big of a deal for you. Anyways, I was hoping to meet someone to get to know on a friendly level. We can go out somewhere, get to know each other, and see what happens from there. I'm up for just about anything (if you couldn't tell, I'm pretty bored with my life at the moment). So hit me up, and I'll let you know what to do to meet up with me. Thanks, guys.


First post submitted, with two legitimate-enough looking photos. Now to wait for the replies to come in so that the autoresponder can do it's magic.


Hello, Net Builders. I'm sure most of you have seen my posts, and realize that most, if not all of them are rather beneficial to the Net Builders' environment. It's time to continue on that track with a journal that I am creating for my Craigslist posting experiment.

The idea is an initial goal of $100 per day simply from Craigslist posting and advertising, as well as responding to ads, which I will start doing manually. After I (hopefully) reach and surpass that goal, it will be my new goal to reach $1,000 per day. While loftier than the previous goal, it is certainly attainable, and once reached, I will work from there.

This is big for me. I am forgoing and somewhat abandoning all of my other income streams that are not automatic to focus on the posting and the learning as a result of the posting. Risky, I know, but focus is necessary, and I have four focuses on my life right now (Fiancee, Family (mom is getting over cancer), School, and Internet Marketing). It's time for me to put a lot of my eggs in one basket and stop spreading myself so thin.

I will be testing out advertisements/posts in many areas of Craigslist, in the sitewide sense and the geographic sense. I will track what ads do what for me, and post the results here on Net Builders. Hopefully, this will not only help you get a better grasp of what is going on, as well as the do's and don't's of Craigslist posting, but also aid me in organizing myself for this.

I have a Mac computer, and I hate Bootcamping it (tried three times to no avail, I hate Windows), therefore my program assistance is going to be rather limited. As far as programs are concerned, I have Camino and Firefox for my browsers (Camino for simple surfing and posting on forums and such, and Firefox for more hardcore proxy-rich work). I had a program called MacMassMailer, which would have been ideal for this project. However, the trial ran out, and, as some of you know or have realized, I am completely against anything that is not open source (I don't buy programs). I also have Thunderbird, which will be connected to various Gmail accounts through the course of the experiment/journal.

Thunderbird has a useful autoresponder (See my most recent blog post for more about setting up an autoresponder to work with Thunderbird and Craigslist) which I will be utilizing in my automatic responses, as compared to regular Gmail for my manual responses.

As far as affiliates and networks are concerned, I will be using a hybrid combination of AdultFriendFinder and DatingGold, although I will be leaning more towards DatingGold with this, as compared to AdultFriendFinder with e-whoring. This is just for adult and dating leads, however. I will also be utilizing Clickbank, Commission Junction, and whatever CPA networks will accept me.

Thusly, the journey begins.


This post explains how to set up an Out_Of_Office auto reply with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Compose an Out_Of_Office Template (the eMail that you are going to send to tell everyone you are Out of the Office).

Fill in the Subject line with something appropriate like Out_Of_Office.

Save this eMail as a Template. From the main menu -> File -> Save as -> Template

More Info on --> Message templates

Now that your Template is complete.

From the Thunderbird main menu -> Tools -> Message Filters -> Filters for: [select the account] -> [New] ->

Filter name: [Out of Office] -> [To] -> [is] -> [Your eMail Address] -> [Reply with Template] -> [Select Template] -> [OK]

Do not send yourself an eMail to test this, it will cause a loop (using the same eMail address).

When you send the eMail to yourself, you will auto answer to yourself, then that eMail will be auto answered, etc.

Send a test eMail to the eMail address you entered in the [Your eMail Address] field from some other eMail account.

Wait 1 minute for the server to send you your mail.

When you get the eMail, check your [Sent] eMail folder and you will see that your Template was sent.

Wait 1 minute for the server to send you your mail.

Check your [InBox] and you will see your template has been sent to you.

To turn this feature off and on from the main menu -> Tools -> Message Filters -> [x] check or un-check the box next to you Filter.

It is possible to filter who gets and does not get the Out_of _Office reply.

This --> Link HERE may help also, it is a 2 page link, so click "NEXT" at the bottom of the first Page.

You must leave your computer running with Thunderbird open.

Remember you can also do this with most ISP's (Internet Service Provider) and you not have to leave your computer on.

Cheating AdSense

Posted by Razorloq | 2:00 PM

I was there once. Clicked on my own ads a few times. Asked my dad to click on them at work. Asked my mom to click on them from school. Asked my friends on Google Talk to click on them like mad. I got a great amount of money, but I also got banned way before any of these numbers could become tangible currency. I read the post at the following web address, and got the information about how to cheat AdSense more productively:

However, there still remained a problem. I had a brand new account, since I had not filled in any tax information on the last one. I had some sites and blogs up that were receiving legitimate hits from around the world. I had a list of several hundred free proxies I had gathered, and I was manually clicking away, changing proxies, clicking away, changing proxies, and clicking away. I was cheating AdSense. Banned the next day, ladies and gentlemen. As I look back, it was definitely with good reason.

Don't be stupid. As many have stated before on oh so many internet marketing forums, click fraud is downright fraud. There's no way around it. Others on the same forums sometimes pay thousands of dollars through AdWords to see their advertisements pop up on AdSense boxes in the hopes of receiving some legitimate conversions. Click fraud is simply taking this opportunity away from the advertiser and instead attempting to root the money with the ad publisher, i.e. click fraudster.

Two years ago, after over a year of being banned from AdSense on an account containing all of my personal and tax information, the account was mysteriously and surprisingly reinstated out of the blue. I never received an email, I never received any notification that it was being reinstated, but it was. Oh, it was, and it was the real thing, too. So I did some hard research for several months before starting up again, and the results were rather shocking once I began cheating AdSense once more.

Why were the results so different? Well, first off, I was doing no click fraud. I was not inhibiting the CTR of my AdSense and was not stopping conversions for AdWords users. I was simply tweaking the Terms of Service for AdSense to fit my own needs without breaking them to the point of a permanent ban. I feel as if my reinstatement was a sign for me to do my research before delving into the wonderful world of AdSense.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing my various methods for moneymaking through, essentially, "cheating" AdSense. Follow along as I unravel the mystery.

It's the glorious days of summer now. The sun beats down upon my head as I wake up for my morning run. The birds wait anxiously to soil my freshly-waxed car. The only song worth listening to on the radio is "Boom Boom Pow". And plans to make money from the unsuspecting, naive college crowd storm into my head with each and every passing minute.

I know spamming is a taboo topic here in the world of Internet marketing. But this is offline, rather than online. And call it advertising instead. For those entering college or already attending, looking to get the word out about your email submits or your website or your affiliate link, the following is a nice, creative list that I have compiled over two and a half months of brainstorming, writing, and plotting.

  1. Bathroom Stall Graffiti | Need: 1 assistant of the opposite sex, 4 thick Sharpies | Best done: early in the morning, when the bathrooms have just been cleaned :: Put Sharpie(s) in pockets. I will be using one black and one red. Check bathrooms beforehand to ensure that the stalls are not the write-proof stainless steel. Sit down on the toilet. Write your advertisement down legible at eye level on the door, as well as directly above the toilet paper dispensary. If creativity is the name of the game for you, unroll some toilet paper and write it down on there vertically. I'll be writing in red and outlining in black.
  2. Less Illegal Bathroom Advertising | Need: 1 assistant of the opposite sex, 50 heavy-duty notecards with your advertisement printed on them, 10 rolls of clear masking tape :: Do your research and make this one count. I get free printing at the Honors College office, so I will be using my own photo paper and print out 50-plus advertisements in full color. They will be taped liberally (ergo: all over several layers) to the bathroom walls in strategic locations. Examples are eye level at the toilet and/or urinals, over the paper towel dispenser and hand dryer, to the back of the door, on the ceiling, and on the mirror.
  3. Kiosk Takeover | Need: Several dozen full-page advertisements, hundreds of pushpins, and darkness :: This is best done in the middle of the night, when foot traffic is at its slowest. Spam the kiosks, pinning your ad up everywhere you can think of on the boards. Cover others' ads, turn them over, do whatever necessary before people show up. Contrary to popular belief, people do read these. And when they catch a glimpse of a semi-hostile advertising takeover, the masses will come.
  4. Chalk Is Your Friend | Need: A few artistic helpers, sidewalk chalk, darkness, and time :: This advertising method is quite aged, and works perfectly if executed in busy spots. At least until it rains. Check the weather. Find a time when there is a lull in storm activity for a week or so, and gather your crew. Wait until midnight rolls around, and graffiti the sidewalks, brick walls, stairs, anything you can think of. College students spend a lot of time looking down as they walk, so target the ground, even though it is the first to sustain damage in case of bad weather.
  5. Professional Carding Campaign | Need: 500 business cards, a few friends/employees/associates with carding talents :: Carding is something I saw frequently in high school. Someone would walk around and slip business cards with simply the worlds "I carded you!" on them to people. Some got them in the water bottle pocket of their backpack, others in the hood of their sweatshirt. Some were lucky enough to get it right in their pocket. And everyone got one through the slats in their locker door. Give this a try discreetly in crowds going to and from classes. The results from this could be legendary.
  6. Dry-Erasing | Need: Access to the residence halls, possibly an associate of the opposite sex :: I like this one quite a bit. Most dorm rooms on campus have white boards stuck to the door. They usually have little tidbits of information on them. It's simple. Go up to every single one, write your advertisement, and on to the next one. Then disappear. No money required, no start-up, and not much planning on the part of the advertiser.
  7. Sign Slipping | Need: 1,000+ advertisements on paper promoting your product/site, permission from the residential director (or not), and a few helpers :: This, like the chalk idea, is an aged one. Just slip advertisements underneath doorjams. Quick and easy way to get your point across in the bluntest way possible. Plus, again, free printing is always nice. Just go print 100 copies at a time as not to make the secretary suspicious.
  8. Shout-Out To The World | Need: upper-floor dorm room with big window, permission or good standing with those directly below, old white sheets, lots of paint :: This one is a nice touch for a dorm room facing the action. I took three old white sheets and sewed them together (did this already, preplanning is key). I'm going to paint my advertisement on the sheet and hang it out the window for everyone to see. I live in room 323, and I am good friends with the occupants of 223 and 123. Should be a nice, simple way to get the word out to the masses.
It goes beyond placing a few dozen business cards on a table hoping to get passers by to stop and take one. It goes beyond selling bumper stickers and T-shirts. It goes beyond the typical kiosk tearaway strip ads. It goes beyond fliers and beyond banners. This is creativity. This where the true, dedicated, curious, lasting traffic comes from.

The methods can go on and on. I'll post more as they come to me. But imagine the possibilities of an iframed email submit for something college-related, or even an un-iframed CPA offer promoting your college or university-style apparel in general. The profit potential could be through the roof.

Get good enough at this advertising thing, and start advertising your services as a creative campus advertiser. Then watch as even more money comes pouring in. Get going, students!


Posted by Razorloq | 11:23 PM

Hello. My name is Andrew. You can call me Drew. I am the owner, and currently the sole employee of Razorloq. I have a goal in my mind. By this time next year, I want Razorloq to be worth one hundred thousand dollars.

A lofty goal? Yes, but a goal nonetheless.

So how did I come up with a name like Razorloq, and how is it pronounced? As far as the pronunciation is concerned, to the best of my ability, it is pronounced Razor-Lock. I went on a random word generator and had it create a word for me. A single word that I could easily Google and get zero results. Once known, I wanted to dominate the search field.

First word that came up was Putty. No way. Next word was Razors. Again a no. The next word was Loch. Got me thinking. Razorloch. Googled it, apparently it's a popular last name in some towns. Who knew? But I enjoy the band Blaqk Autio. The Q in the purposefully-misspelled word Blaqk got my creative gears turning, and Razorloch became Razorloq.

Someday, years from now, this post will be dug up and all of the answers form the millions of Razorloq customers and users will be answered. Until then, I will watch as the blog grows, the ideas are formed, the site is built, and this post is buried deeper into miles and miles and gigabytes of Razorloq data. Farewell for now, truths.